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Share My Picks II

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Recently, my colleagues are killing it at sharing picks in our daily stand up meetings. I really learnt a lot from everyone else’s picks. So it’s highly recommended to do daily sharing in your team too!

I select some items from our picks to share with you folks, here is the list.


  • Git Radar: Git-radar is a tool you can add to your prompt to provide at-a-glance information on your git repo.
  • Quip: Quip is the modern productivity suite that simplifies your life and helps your team get work done faster. I use quip recently to write some design documents and share with my friends. And the experience is really good, it fits well my needs for document writing and collaboration with friends/coworkers.
  • RequestBin: RequestBin gives you a URL that will collect requests made to it and let you inspect them in a human-friendly way.
  • httpbin: Testing an HTTP Library can become difficult sometimes. RequestBin is fantastic for testing POST requests, but doesn’t let you control the response. This exists to cover all kinds of HTTP scenarios. Additional endpoints are being considered.


See you next time.